Our activities related to Audit Control Consultancy

IAQ monitoring

IAQ monitoring is used widely in indoor and industrial environments to measure chemical, physical or biological contaminants in the air and their consequences on health.
Our engineers and biologists can provide technical advice.

Operational and performance qualifications

Clean rooms are premises where the concentration of airborn particules is controlled to specified limits. The required standards of air cleanliness depend of the products manufactured in the cleanroom.
Igienair can provide operational and performance qualifications of air in aerospace industry, micro-electronics, food industry, etc.

Certification of laboratories equipment

Igienair can provide certification of laboratories equipments to ensure compliance with current regulations and safety of operators, products at high risks and environment.

Leak tests of filters

Leak test of filters is a process of validation of the position of HEPA and ULPA filters. Igienair can provide both normalised methods : Emery method using a photometer and the DEHS method using a particule counter.

Air tightness tests of premises and air duct systems

The air tightness test quantifies and localises the leakage of ventilation ducts or premises. It is the first step for a significant reduction of energy consumption while maintaining or improving indoor environmental quality.

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